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Brexit Means Mobile Roaming Charges Return for Users of BT’s EE

BT Group Plc will charge customers extra to use their mobile phones in the European Union, reversing course after saying repeatedly that a return of so-called roaming fees wasn’t on the cards after Britain’s exit from the bloc’s single market.

Users of BT’s EE network who join or upgrade after July 7 will have to pay 2 pounds ($2.78) extra per day to use their full data, minutes and text allowance across 47 European locations excluding Ireland from January, a spokeswoman for London-based EE said in an emailed statement Thursday. Customers will be able to buy passes to roam abroad for longer periods.

The Brexit transition period ended on Dec. 31. As recently as Thursday morning, EE’s customer service Twitter account was reassuring users it had no plans to bring back roaming charges.

The new fees “will support investment into our U.K. based customer service and leading U.K. network,” the spokeswoman said.

The EU’s so-called roam-like-at-home rules, introduced in 2017, prevented operators from charging extra to use phones abroad, apart from certain “fair use limits” on data.

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