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Fireside chat with Chris Els

Who is Chris?

Global explorer with 20+ years’ experience in global third-party data supply chain and business process outsourcing.

Tell us more about your role in P3 Audit Limited.

I am the founder. My original focus was third party compliance in the global payroll function. A particular interest was downstream compliance of GDPR and originating client policies. With covid lockdown I had the opportunity to expand my vision and with that an investment in building a SaaS platform to support the audit function for all regulatory compliance in a supply chain – across function and country.

What is the most difficult part of your job? But the most rewarding one?

Building an enterprise scale platform with limited resources. As a single founder investor, it can be isolating not having co-founders to challenge ideas, or to motivate and encourage focus on innovating and delivering the vision. Every validation, every milestone achieved rewards one with the knowledge you are achieving one’s goals.

Is there anything that you would change about your professional path?

I come from a corporate background that provided as many challenges as I have in my start up, but with some financial stability, yet lack of financial or career freedom. We arrive each day as a result of our journey and as such all I can do is acknowledge my mistakes, learn from them and keep building my professional path (so no).

What’s your key strategy for the development of your company?

I have applied basic principles of business and try to balance these with the challenge of bootstrapping. Learn to hustle without losing sight of one’s principles. “Use the ‘do things right’ handbook (backward wisdom) but always aim for ‘do the right thing’ (forward thinking mindfulness)”.

What do you think about the next period of time, keeping in mind the pandemic and the new business climate? How will your industry be affected?

Life flexes and adapts under and during change. We all need to embrace change and look for the opportunity to serve in new ways. The pandemic, Brexit and other new pressures affect supply chain disruption and environment impacts. These are no different to all other uncontrollable threats to business continuity. This is the business we in and we are therefore building a business solution that will scale with a constant demand to sustain business and the world we enjoy.

Please name a few technologies which have the greatest impact on your business.

  • Low code application build platforms that scale into enterprise technologies
  • Hyper scaling
  • On-line communication for real time collaboration and safe document storage

What books do you have on your nightstand?

  • Runners World
  • Sacred Economics
  • The Silva Mind Control Method
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