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Fireside chat with Gary Jackson, Founder&Co-Founder of Multiple Ventures

Who is Gary Jackson?

I am one of the former Co-Founders of Hailo, Mytaxi, Freenow & now  Startup 2 Standup. Originally a London Black taxi driver, brought up in Stepney, the East End of London, I didn’t get much from school. It was only when I got my first IPhone that it inspired me and gave me the tools to get my ideas down and become creative about being an Entrepreneur. I didn’t realise at the time being self employed is a very entrepreneurial profession, you are always looking at ways to make things easier for yourself and others, at the same time I would like to say I’m a creative person and problem solver and when you combine all three traits you strive to get your ideas out there.  

What’s the story behind your ventures?

One of my current startups is called startup2standup.com and it’s all about helping start-ups as it can be lonely profession if you do not have anyone to share and solve problems with, we want our members through the SU2SU peer 2 peer community to become stronger and more resilient, improve their chances of success. The majority of start-ups fail within a few years of their inception and 9-10 start-ups fail altogether.  Lack of cash is cited as a key reason for these failures, but this may be a symptom rather than the fundamental cause.

We want to change these stats by building a support network to keep start-ups going through the hard and lonely times.

My other passion is mobility hence Co-Founding knowmobility.com, we use innovation and our teams experience to help solve mobility problems, there are lots of new start-ups coming into this field and we hope to make their lives easier and quicker by consulting and doing research for them and building new innovative products in the mobility sector. 

What was the most difficult part of your experience in the early beginnings?

Being new to business you have lots to learn. As I speak to a lot of startups, I tend to see the same problems with regards delegation. Knowing when to hand something over is always a problem because you always want to remain involved in everything. I have learned to hand things over and trust in others abilities to complete the tasks themselves, in their own way.

What are you most proud of regarding your business?

Nearly all my businesses have created wealth & opportunities for others and solved significant problems. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction when the life of customers / end users becomes easier. Equally I love it when our team overcomes complex challenges and understands the ethos of problem solving and successful outcomes for the wider company and its users.  

What is your vision for the future of your ventures?

Startup2standup helps founders of ambitious and scalable companies realise their dreams, through our extensive network we believe we improve the chances of success. Mobility although it’s been around for years, we are in a new age with different forms of transport like electric bikes and scooters. Being the co-founder of Hailo, I was at the very beginning of this journey, and logistics its still the most important aspect to take in with regards mobility. That’s where Knowmobility will be at the forefront, as I don’t believe anyone has the experience and innovation that we have to help take this industry to the next level.   

What’s your advice for the businesses that are trying to adapt to this economic climate?

From what I’m seeing in the industries we work with at Startup2Standup and Knowmobility is everything is positive. I think the economical climate is so much better than we first feared with Covid, you couldn’t pick a better time to be at a start up or thinking of starting a new venture, innovation is key and that’s what start ups do and have to do to stay ahead of others.  

Please name a few technologies, which have the greatest impact on your business.

The IPhone, as it is the centre of most things we do, from the early days at Hailo even up to new ideas we have now in the pipeline they mainly revolve around the IPhone. 

What books do you have on your nightstand?

None – all my reading I do on my IPhone. I learn more through listening, networking and actually speaking to people, you could say it’s like reading a book a day. For example, since starting SU2SU I’ve been privileged to speak to and meet thousands of talented founders, this is the dream.  

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