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Thanks to a new deal on refurbished mobiles, APPLE fans can save £ 150 on an iPhone XR.

The phone is discounted on Apple’s official website from its original £ 749 R.R.P. (and £629 current price) to just £499.
That’s an impressive £130 save on an almost good-as-new Apple iphone.
Apple launched the iPhone XR back in 2018 and it was last year’s world’s bestselling mobile device.
The mobile has impressive specs and camera. Though the iPhone 11 and SE substituted it, the XR remains a formidable handset.
The phone is available so cheap, because Apple has renovated it. That means the handset that was bought and then carried back to Apple.

The company then restore it to its original glory before reselling it.
Apple has three retrofit versions of the iPhone XR available on its website.
A 64 GB model is available for £499 (down from £629), as well as a version of £128 (£539 down from £ 679) and £256 (£629 down from £ 779). The handsets are all refurbished with “Grade A,” which means Apple has tested and approved them. They come with a new battery and box, all the manuals and accessories and even the standard one-year guarantee from Apple. Don’t forget, you ‘re going to have to buy the phone outright and then pay with your favorite carrier for a SIM-only contract.

In other news, Android users are being warned not to download a particular phone background as their devices could crash.
The next AirPods from Apple could monitor the heart rate-use light sensors in the ears.
And, 3D models have been teasing what the Apple Watch 6 would look like.

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