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Marcin Kierdelewicz, Founder BIAMI.IO: Technology is a “must-have” for every type of business

Marcin Kierdelewicz is an international, multi-lingual professional with over 20 years experience and a successful track record delivering profit-driven new technology propositions and solutions to expand business growth for open source software vendors.
He has been providing open source strategy, business development and expert assistance to C-level executives within rapid-growth companies across the globe by building successful ecosystem, mutual relationship, evaluating opportunities to successfully implement, manage and use open source based technology innovations.

What’s the story behind BIAMI.IO?

There’s no one story… but there are three that come together…
Story #1: a long, long time ago, I was working for one of the biggest software companies in the world that offer business process driven software to support large enterprises. It is a great value when you can configure your software to be aligned with your business and work as your internal business processes. Unfortunately, all existing solutions are coming from proprietary software giants that take years to implement and recognize the benefits and there needs to be a way to make it better, quicker and cheaper.
Story #2: working for various companies over the years, I recognized that you do the same things over and over again. People call it “experience” but I call it “boring” because you’re not helping your company differentiate themselves if you do the same things and you don’t bring any competitive advantage. Again, there has to be a better way to do it…
Story #3 is not a personal story but it’s a technology change that has happened over the years bringing open source, cloud and artificial intelligence. You can stay with old propriety software but you won’t get any advantage.

All these three stories together, made me realize that now is the time to give the right technology for the people and let them build solutions that work like their businesses and perform at scale delivering 10X performance for their teams. That software is called BIAMI Intelligent Automation Framework.

We also offer solutions for 3 areas of the business if you’d like us to help and accelerate the adoption of intelligent automation:

1) intelligent business services to help companies start offering their services in a “as a service” model

2) intelligent business operations to reduce internal process bottlenecks with automation at scale

3) intelligent business development to help companies find more customers. 

What was the most difficult part of your experience in the early beginnings?

The most difficult are the parts that you can’t change.

For us, it was the timing. In fact, we realized that we can only be successful if the timing is right.

Initially, we have started 3 years ago and we failed because our customers wanted to learn from us the benefits of intelligent automation at that time. We had very long conversations with potential customers that only converted to small projects and proof of concepts for them to learn.

We failed but we have learned that it was too early. To help re-start the business, instead of giving up, using our own software, we started building solutions that solve specific problems that we offer today. Now, it takes us around 30 days to get the decision from the customer.

What are you most proud of regarding your business?

In many businesses, it’s the happy customers who make you happy and there is no difference here. The difference is that we see the real value and 10X performance improvements, benefits measured in real money of how much we’re helping our customers to generate new revenue or save. Not many startups can share this level of improvements as we do and that makes me proud.

What is your vision for the future of BIAMI.IO?

There’s always a big vision behind but we’re focusing on delivering success where we are today. We have plans for 2021 and we need to help many of our customers and make them happy during the next year.

What’s your advice for the businesses that are trying to adapt to this economic climate?

Technology is a “must-have” for every type of business. The quicker you learn and adapt, the more benefits you gain. If you’re not tech-savvy yourself, ask people around you to help. But you can’t stop learning. Technology makes the world more accessible and gives opportunities. The same way as you can see the pictures from the other side of the world on the internet without physically being there, the same way you can connect with people who are not next to you at the moment. That’s very important these days, with the Covid pandemic still on, even more important.

What books do you have on your nightstand?

I read many inspirational books these days on how to build and keep a positiveness around you. It helps with the personal and professional side. I even went to do the MBA Essentials course with the London School of Economics during the current pandemic… but all these books are PDFs and in digital format, so nothing new on my nightstand, I’m afraid.
You made me think now and let me work on it.

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