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Rishi Sunak coffee mug: Chancellor’s £180 smart travel cup

The pre-budget picture shows him with the luxurious device that maintains control of the ingestion of caffeine and holds the favorite drinking temperature.

This is the most fanciful recycled coffee cup we’ve ever knocked our eyes on-and so it should be for the size. This cup not only retains the ideal temperature (with both recommended and adjustable presets), but it also indicates when the contents have exceeded the temperature, so that you don’t burn.

With brewing tea timers, recommended settings for latte, green tea, cappuccinos and so on, the cool software does just about all you might wish for.

There is also an fascinating segment on the recipe, including recipes for a cinnamon matcha latte, a beet latte and more. At the time of publishing, it is sparsely populated so we will be curious to see how it grows.

The other fascinating part of the software is that they monitor the consumption of caffeine. You will also transfer the details and the heart rhythm and sleep statistics to Apple Health. This is a good touch but you need an Apple Watch to be able to use it properly, of course. The cup itself has an appealingly elegant style, but just tossing it into your pocket is a little on the large side.

At first, the mouthpiece (a circle in the lid you push down to open) looks fairly good but may get a little dribbled when the remaining liquid lies above. That said, it is definitely leak-proof – holding your tea or coffee dry.

As for the battery, you can use it at least frequently before recharging, holding the liquid warm for the entire day. And if it isn’t in service, the mug can be stored on its own tiny charging table. Another for junkies at fitness and engineering.

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